Customized living services for your unique needs and care situations.

We understand the challenges that families face when taking care of an aging or disabled loved one. And with that, we strive to make life easier and happier for them by providing various services that match their needs and situations.

Medication Management

We know the importance of your medications for your wellness and recovery, and we’re here to promote proper medication adherence as required by your physician. Our staff will help you take your medications on time and at the right dosage.

Behavioral Management/Monitoring

Fortunate Homes LLC will have continuous monitoring of behaviors and symptoms that affect your mental health. And with that, our caregivers will do hands-on monitoring and assistance to help you or your loved ones manage and cope with behavioral problems.

Three Home-Cooked Meals Per Day

Aside from shopping for groceries, preparing daily menus, and planning your meals, among others, our staff member will also cook food for you. We will help prepare delicious and nutritious home-cooked meals from breakfast to dinner.

Personal Care Assistance

We will assist you in accomplishing the activities of daily living, from helping you with hygiene care to bathing, dressing, and grooming, if needed.


You don’t have to do all the house chores on your own. Our caregivers will assist with laundry, cleaning, vacuuming, and dusting, making sure that your toilet and bathtub are clean, and more. Sit till and lay comfortably on your sofa while our caregivers take care of the rest.


We provide non-medical transportation services for your social gatherings, personal shopping, and other destinations. Our staff accompanies you wherever you will go to check on you from time to time and make sure you are safe.

Weekly Shopping

Does going to a shopping mall no longer possible for you due to some physical limitations? Don’t worry. You can always count on us to shop for your needed groceries or items you want, or if you would love to do it yourself, we can assist you.

Medical Appointment

Our staff will assist with your medical appointments, follow up, and medical checkup that won’t cost you too much time, effort, and pressure. So we ensure that you can get to your medical appointment safely, on-time, and hassle-free.


We offer recreational activities that can help enhance your social and mental well-being. We keep you company with random walks, playing your favorite games and sports, watching a movie in the theater, going with you to your favorite restaurant, and more.

Social Outing

We have social outings for you to enjoy, helping you to socialize with others while also keeping you safe and cared for.

If you have questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a message.